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Subterranean termites do significant damage to structures in Texas, and they contribute to the billions of dollars in termite damage that occurs every year across the United States. These wood-eating insects devour rafters, walls, foundations, eaves, and crawl spaces, as well as wood, fiberboard, and paper.

Best Termite Control

They have the ability to establish colonies within your structure, including its furniture. Unfortunately, termites can cause major damage to your home or business without you even realising it! With Bug Free Pest Control Services and our proactive termite control solutions for Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Galveston, you can avoid termite damage and hefty repair fees. Your home will be safe and secure with our termite treatment and long-term termite protection plans. Repairs cost an average of $3,000 for homeowners who find termite damage. However, by being proactive in the fight against termites, this can be prevented. See what could be lurking behind your walls by clicking the image above.

Our Termite Control Process

Inspection – One of our skilled service specialists does a full check of the exterior of your home, as well as the interior if necessary. To assess whether or not you have an active colony on your property, we will evaluate all locations conducive to termite activity, such as soil around the exterior of your home, wood, roof, and plumbing leaks. The inspection will also help us figure out where the Sentricon┬« with Always ActiveTM should be installed.

Installation – We can build a termite treatment plan that is tailored to your specific scenario after our initial assessment. If you have an active termite infestation, we will treat the active areas to ensure that the termites are gone. In addition, we will install the Sentricon┬« System with Always ActiveTM. These termite bait stations are the number one rated brand in termite control and will completely remove termite colonies. Before installation, one of our courteous service specialists will go through the plan of action with you in detail and explain the termite service guarantees that are included.

Protection – Termites will find the bait stations and begin feeding shortly after they are put. The bait will be delivered to the colony by the worker termites for the rest of their “family” to devour. Once ingested, termites are unable to breed, putting an end to their colony’s existence while simultaneously eradicating existing termites from your home. This system provides continuous termite protection for your house and property, giving you the peace of mind that you are termite-free.

Here Are Some Reasons You Might Want To Choose Us!

  • All of our technicians receive the greatest training and certification available.
  • The employees who work in and around your property will be fully informed of your termite infestation!
  • We’ll get back to you right away. We understand that your home is where you live, and that you can’t afford to have termites!
  • We make it our business to arrive quickly and give swift services to solve your termite infestation.
  • We will deliver excellent customer service to you.
  • Termite Control and Termite Pretreatment are two services we provide.

Our technicians want your pest control experience to be as simple and pleasant as possible. Bug Free Pest Control Services experts will make pest control an easy process for you and your family. When we work on your termite problems, we consider your family and pets as well as your property!

Why Choose Us?

If you live in Dallas, TX, or a nearby town, we want you to have confidence in Bug Free Pest Control Services as your termite control company. So get in touch with Bug Free Pest Control Services right away. We’ll do a thorough evaluation of your home or business and come up with a solution that’s tailored to your individual requirements. In our service region, you won’t find a more qualified pest treatment staff. Call or email us right now!


They arrived on time. Sprayed a larger area and, the treatment worked. I will definitely use them next year, only earlier in the summer.

– T. Brown

The service went well. They did exactly what the deal stated. The staff was good and professional. I had no problem scheduling the deal.

– l. Lloyd

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